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The features of semi-frameless sliding shower screen

Adding a glass shower screen to your shower area is a needed decision to improve your bathroom aesthetics and functionality. When choosing between the semi-frameless shower screen and the frameless shower screens, both have benefits and disadvantages. However, the choice strongly depends on each person’s needs.

Here are some key questions that help you understand the semi-frameless sliding shower door features and the differences between the semi-frameless and the frameless shower doors so you can make the best decision.


1. What is a semi-frameless shower screen?

A shower screen semi-frameless is a combination of frameless and framed glass edges. The semi-frameless shower panel is somewhere between the traditional framed screen door and the modern frameless style. It has metal around the entire structure but does not have metal around the door.

Semi-frameless shower doors feature 6 mm toughened glass and 25 mm U-channel around the glass. Its carefully integrated frame has a seamless appearance around the borders of the glass.


2. What is a toughened glass?

A toughened glass is a type of glass that follows Australian safety standards. This type of glass is so durable from the side. You can hit it with a hammer from the middle side section. Besides, it can hold two people jumping on it.

However, never use any sharp edge near its surrounding edges as it is too weak from the borders. Also, while installing the toughened glass, you shouldn’t install it directly on the floor. Instead, use a silicone packer spacer to separate the safety glass from the floor or wall tiles.


3.Cost of a semi-frameless shower screen?

The cost of semi-frameless shower enclosures ranges between $ 660 and $ 1100, including GST.


4. What is a semi-frameless sliding shower door?

A semi-frameless sliding shower door is a semi-frameless shower screen that opens with a sliding door, a type of door that opens horizontally by sliding. This type of shower screen could be the best option for a tight bathroom, where there is not enough space for the door to open.

The shower door height is 2000mm. However, we can customise any width you have. Thus, if you want to get an entry of 600 mm, you need to have a 1200 mm minimum distance between the walls.


5. What is a semi-frameless pivot shower screen?

Semi-frameless shower screens with a pivot door open with a swinging door that rotates vertically. Pivot door shower screens are available in all models from frameless, semi-framed, and fully framed designs.


6. How to choose a semi-frameless shower door?

Main tips on how to choose the right semi-frameless shower screen

  • Measure correctly to check if your wall or floor has no plumb.
  • Order a toughened glass that meets Australian standards.
  • Use high-quality parts, especially the hinges and brackets.
  • Hire a professional glazier to handle the semi-frameless shower screen installation.

7. Which showers are the best fit for semi-frameless sliding shower screen?

  • Semi-frameless corner shower screen.
  • Diamond shower or 135 degrees shape .
  • Wall to wall showers.
  • Fixed panels.
  • sliding.

8. What is the difference between frameless and semi-frameless shower door?

Here are the main features that differentiate the frameless shower screens from the semi-frameless shower screens.


The frameless shower screen has no frame, unlike the semi-frameless shower screen with a 25 mm aluminium frame surrounding the glass.


The frameless consisted of 10mm toughened glass, while the semi-frameless features 6mm toughened glass. Thus, the standard height of the frameless is 2000mm versus 1950mm for the semi-frameless.

Like the semi-frameless shower screen, the frameless can have a sliding door. The frameless sliding shower screen has no frames and a door that opens horizontally by sliding.


The frameless shower screen is more expensive than the semi-frameless shower screen due to its thicker glass and more extended durability.

Both types feature thick glass. However, the frameless consisted of thicker toughened glass which makes it last longer. Its price ranges between $990 and $2200.

Installation and cleaning:

The frameless shower screen installation is more challenging than the semi-frameless and thus, requires the assistance of two professional glaziers instead of one. However, the frameless is easier to clean.

The Benefits of a Semi-Frameless Sliding Shower Screen

If you're considering a new shower screen for your bathroom, a semi-frameless sliding shower screen is a great option. These screens offer a range of benefits, including a sleek and modern appearance that can elevate the look of any bathroom. With a semi-frameless design, the screen is secured with minimal metal framing, providing a sleek and contemporary look.

Another advantage of a semi-frameless sliding shower screen is the ease of use. With a sliding door, you don't have to worry about a swinging door taking up valuable space in your bathroom. In addition, the smooth sliding mechanism ensures effortless operation, making it perfect for people of all ages and abilities. This design also makes cleaning easier as there are fewer nooks and crannies for accumulating dirt and grime.


Finally, a semi-frameless sliding shower screen provides excellent water containment. The minimal framing ensures water stays inside the shower, reducing the risk of water damage to your bathroom. The sliding shower screen also makes it a good choice for smaller bathrooms, as it can help make the space feel larger and less cluttered.

Customising Your Semi-Frameless Sliding Shower Screen

At Showerland Sydney, we understand that every bathroom is different. That's why we offer a range of customisation options for our semi-frameless sliding shower screens. So whether you're looking for a specific size, colour, or glass type, we can help you find the perfect screen for your bathroom.

We offer various glass options, including clear, frosted, and tinted glass. You can also choose various frame colours to match your bathroom's décor. Additionally, we can customise the size of your shower screen to fit your specific requirements. This customisation ensures that your shower screen perfectly fits your bathroom, providing maximum functionality and visual appeal.


Professional Installation for Your Semi-Frameless Sliding Shower Screen

At Showerland Sydney, professional installation is essential for achieving the best results with your semi-frameless sliding shower screen. Our team of experienced installers ensure that to install securely and safely, minimising the risk of water leaks and damage to your bathroom.

We use high-quality materials and precise installation techniques to ensure your shower screen lasts. Our installers work with you to ensure that your screen is installed in the most convenient location for your needs, ensuring optimal functionality and ease of use. With professional installation from Showerland Sydney, you can be confident that your semi-frameless sliding shower screen has looked tremendous and functioned flawlessly for years.

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