A guide for your window glass replacement cost

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You may accidentally break or smash your glass window, whether at home or work. Broken glass poses grave dangers for people who may be in the area when the incident occurred. They risk injuring themselves if they come across the shattered glass. It is essential to hire professional glaziers to perform an emergency glass replacement and solve your problem in no time. Plenty of companies in Australia offer premium services of emergency window glass replacement along with glass repair options. These companies have 24/7 fully qualified glaziers ready to perform a repair or replacement process for your windows. However, you might be worried about the window glass replacement cost that you will have to incur. We will walk you through the best cost guides for the replacement of your windows to ensure that you get the top quality of service along with the most affordable options available on the market.

Emergency glass replacement is a priority.

We recommend you replace the glass immediately whenever you have a broken window. If you have to remove the broken glass all by yourself, make sure to wear solid and thick gloves to protect yourself from injury. Search for companies that offer window glass replacement near you to save time and not keep the glass shattered for long. Moreover, make sure that the glass installed is double glazed and safety glass compliant with Australian Standards.


Factors that influence the glass replacement cost

Many factors will affect the cost to replace your window frames and pane of glass. For example, smaller size glass windows will cost less than larger ones to install. Moreover, glaziers who don't respect the double glazing requirement and the Australian Standards for safety glass will charge less than those who commit to the requirements. We highly recommend that you hire glaziers that use high-quality types of glass for your safety and protection.


Some old types of glass which you should not use again.

Sometimes, professional glaziers may not install the same type of glass that you had in place before breaking your window because Australian Safety Standards are constantly updated and modified. As a result, the replacement experts will have to comply with the new regulations and install the appropriate type of glass for your window.


The three main types of glass

Ordinary float glass is the most dangerous type of glass that poses grave dangers to you and your family when broken. Broken regular float glass pieces need to be removed entirely out of the windows frames. We recommend that you replace this type of glass the same day it got broken. On the contrary, toughened safety glass will break into ice-like small pieces that won't hurt people. However, we still recommend that you repair the broken glass with no delay. The third type of glass, laminated glass, is the safest because it will hold instead of falling apart whenever it gets cracked. However, the ordinary glass may sometimes present the exact characteristics of laminated glass, but it will suddenly fall apart and result in devastating consequences. As a result, it is better to repair or replace any glass whenever it gets broken.


Choose transparent companies that use price-lists

Most glass replacement companies in Australia have window glass price lists readily available for their clients to see. Moreover, you can look online for a House Window Replacement Cost Estimator in Australia, depending on your location. If this tool does not exist on the company's website, you can give them a call or enquire online about their window replacement costs, the types of windows and glass they offer, and the time required to get the job done.


Search for glass replacement companies near you

You can find information about window glass replacement costs near Sydney NSW. Such services are available in other areas of Australia. For example, you can also enquire about window glass replacement costs near New South Wales.


The cost of replacing your entire window

Sometimes, the glass gets broken, and the whole window may be damaged, including the window frames. Water may be getting through the edges, and the latter might not be closing properly. In such cases, you will have to replace your whole window. Glaziers must implement the procedure following Australian Standards, which means that you may have to choose a new type of window and not the same one. The replacement cost will vary depending on the type of window that you choose. For example, single-hung and fixed-pane windows will cost you between AUD 50/sqm and AUD 100/sqm to replace. Additionally, double-hung windows will cost between AUD 350/sqm and AUD 400/sqm to replace. The replacement cost for the Bay type of windows ranges between AUD 500 and AUD 1,000. As for Bi-fold windows, the cost of replacement rises to AUD 1,250/sqm.


You can replace your home or your business glass windows.

Most glass replacement and repair companies provide house window glass replacement and also commercial building glass replacement. This process means that professional glaziers will perform the replacement needed if you break your office glass windows.


Forget about repairing scratched glass.

When your glass window gets scratched, repairing it will not be a good idea. We recommend you replace the panes of glass altogether with new ones instead. When you try to fix damaged and scratched glass, it will look cloudy and distorted. Moreover, you will not see clearly through the window.


The time needed for broken glass replacement

Our fully insured, fully qualified glaziers will ensure to get your broken glass replaced as fast as possible. However, some factors will influence the time they need to perform the window glass replacement process. Glaziers will replace a smaller-sized glass panel in less time than a larger-sized pane of glass. In general, window glass replacements require around 45 minutes to complete.


The case for customized glass

Many Australian households install custom glass for their windows and doors, which means that companies may not readily have a suitable replacement if this glass gets broken. When that happens, professional glaziers will secure your window with a safety board to prevent break-ins and theft incidents and protect your home from bad weather. Moreover, glass replacement companies will get to work immediately to craft and design the custom type of glass that best suits your home or shop. Specialists will clear where the glass was broken and shattered to secure it before installing the safety board.


Precautions to take when breaking glass windows

Clear the area where the glass window got broken for the protection and safety of your family and loved ones. Shattered glass poses severe dangers to people because they risk cutting their skin and causing wounds for their bodies that may need emergency hospital treatments. Do not touch the broken glass by yourself, particularly if you lack experience dealing with such situations. We recommend that you wait for specialists and professional glaziers to arrive. They will clean the affected area and perform the necessary procedure to keep you all safe. In addition to creating hazardous risks for your safety, broken windows expose your house to break-ins and robberies. For that reason, we recommend that you immediately request an emergency glass replacement from trusted companies near you.


People also ask

If the window frames are not damaged, and only the glass is affected, there is no need to replace the whole window. In that case, we recommend that you change only the broken glass in the window with a new one. You will pay 50% more if you substitute your entire window instead of only replacing the broken panes of glass.

Several factors affect the cost of the replacement of a glass window pane. Some types of glass will cost more to install than others. Moreover, the type of window will also influence the replacement cost of the pane of glass.

Sydney's labour costs play a significant role in the replacement cost because they change depending on the complexity of the task. The distance the glazier will need to travel will also influence the price. In general, a double-paned glass window will cost around AUD 200-400 to replace.

Usually, repairing a window involves fixing its broken glass. Fixing broken window glass costs AUD 200 for quick and easy repairs and can rise to AUD 500. For more detailed and advanced repairs requiring more time, work, and craftsmanship, the cost of fixing a broken window glass will increase to at least AUD 2,000. Bear in mind that professional glaziers will install safety glass compliant with Australian standards to replace your old broken window glass.

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