Rise of the Wall to Wall semi-frameless shower screen

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The Wall-to-Wall semi-frameless shower screen is the new black

shower screens come in different kinds and shapes, and depending on the design and space of your bathroom, you can choose from a wide variety of frameless or semi-frameless shower screens. For instance, we deem the wall to wall semi-frameless shower screen one great option you can opt for due to its swagger and classy design, neoteric éclat style, elegant, and distinguished outlook.

We will dive into our article in the tiniest details that make the wall to wall shower screen a signature piece to establish in your Brasco. However, please note that wall to wall frameless shower screens are no less beguiling than semi-frameless shower screens since most new-age architects and modernist designers adopt a frameless shower screen to give the washroom an untarnished and palatial look. In the end, to each his fancies and affinities.


Wall-to-wall shower screens optimize space use.

When putting in place shower screens wall to wall, you will de facto optimize the shower space you use in your bathroom, unlike what happens when you install a corner shower screen that takes up more space compared to a wall-to-wall shower screen.


Take the lead with the adjustable Wall-to-Wall shower screen.

An adjustable wall-to-wall shower screen will proffer you more comfiness since you will have complete authority anytime over the height and width of your screen. A 900mm wall to wall shower screen with a height of 1950mm is the standard dimension, but you will still have the possibility to select the size of your choice and the one that best fits the measurements of your bathroom.


Fully-framed adjustable wall-to-wall Shower Screen

You can see below a fully framed adjustable wall to wall shower screen with a width that you can adjust at your ease between 600mm and 1200mm, and the same features are available for adjustable frameless or semi-frameless screens where they come with adjustable widths that will be determined conditionally on the measurements of your bathroom. Heights can also be adjustable, and wall to wall shower screens come in changeable sizes with a maximal recommended altitude of no more than 2100mm.


Sliding doors vs. pivot doors

A semi-frameless sliding shower screen is a first-line pick for some consumers who consider sliding doors as more convenient when compared to a pivot door. For example, wall-to-wall pivot shower screens take up too much room, and a semi-frameless shower screen with a pivot door will leak too much water due to the gaps surrounding the door and the space created between the door and the wall.

Sliding shower doors add brightness and style to your home and, they are top-notch and ostentatious.


Stainless steel handles are a must

As for the best handle to choose for your shower screen door, we favour the stainless steel refined handle. Take note that the handles of sliding doors are functional, and you can use them to hang your clothes and towels.


Toughened safety glass thickness to consider

The standard toughened glass thickness of a wall to wall frameless screen is 6 millimetres, but we exhort you to use a 10mm glass thickness for your utmost protection since thicker toughened safety glass ensures uttermost calibre and endurance.

As for the colours, you can opt for the classy chrome, matt silver, or matt black shades, with the wall to wall shower screen black colour being the trendiest selection you can adopt. You can use these penumbras for a wall to wall shower screen frameless design, a semi-frameless shower screen, or any other type of shower glass.


What is a semi-frameless shower screen?

Semi-frameless shower screens come girdled with a barely visible and thin border, are more inexpensive when compared to frameless shower screens, and the glass used for semi-frameless screens is usually lighter than the one used for frameless screens. Moreover, the Aluminium frame surrounding the screens, albeit thin, provides the support needed for the glass.


Glass thickness for a semi-framed screen

As mentioned earlier in our article, a semi-frameless shower screen comes with toughened glass having a standard thickness of 6mm, and we mount this screen with a thin aluminium frame of 25 mm. Although slim, this frame is concrete and of par excellence quality.


Door types, shapes, and colours of semi-frameless shower screen

The door can be sliding or pivoting and is frameless. Apart from the wall to wall shape of the semi-frameless shower screen, you can find the Diamond or the 135 degrees shape and the Corner of L shape. Semi-frameless screens are available in a multitude of colours, mainly white, matt black, and chrome.

The image to the left shows an elegant matt black semi-frameless wall to wall shower screen with a 6mm toughened safety glass and a standard height of 1950mm available in chrome and matt silver colours and a custom-made width which you can choose depending on the measurements of your bathroom. Click here to see more shapes of semi-framed shower screens.


What is the difference between a frameless and semi-frameless shower?

On the other hand, the frameless shower screen has no frame surrounding it, usually has a 10mm toughened safety glass, is easier to clean than semi-frameless shower screens, and grants the ambience a more hygienic feel.

Check the picture below to see a wall-to-wall frameless shower screen that comes with two glass panels with the option to increase them to three, has a 10mm toughened safety glass, with chrome, matt black, and brushed nickel colours available, and widths between 600mm and 1400mm depending on the space between the walls of your bathroom.

The wall to wall frameless shower screen follows strict Australian Standards and is available all over Sydney. To see other shapes and types of frameless shower screens.


How much does a semi-frameless shower cost?

A semi-frameless shower screen price goes from as low as AUD 660 and up to AUD 1,100, including GST (Goods and services tax), installation and measurement costs with the price affected depending on the distance the suppliers need to travel. Price may also change relative to the height of the screen and the type of the door.


For people on a budget, this is your best shot.

When it comes to cost, the semi-frameless shower screen is your best shot, is cheaper than frameless screens and almost offers the same quality, strength, look, and durability. So if you’re on a budget, you already know what to choose.


Do semi-frameless shower doors leak?

The main disadvantage of semi-framed shower screens

The main disadvantage of semi-frameless screens is water leakage because a gap of 3mm exists between the door and the frame.


Solution for leakage of semi-frameless shower doors

However, to solve this problem, add an extra sealer, do not rinse the door, and shield your elbow from the gap by changing your angle when taking a shower.


Is a frameless shower door worth it?

Since the frameless shower screen is durable, easy to clean, and elegant, we recommend that you consider it one of the top options for your bathroom.

Almost all of the frameless shower screens are high-end, even those that are doorless. The frameless fixed standard glass panel shower screen is one proof of luxury and elegance with its simplicity and professional finishing.

As you can see in the image above, this type of shower screen is easy to clean and takes minimal space from your bathroom, creating for you all the comfort that you may need in your private place.


The luxurious Frameless Diamond shower screen that comes with a 135 degrees angle, offered in chrome and black matt colours with a height of 2000mm. This Australian standard product comes with 2 CRL hinges with a 3-year warranty, four brackets, one knob, 1 PVC plastic under the door, and one water threshold.

Why are frameless showers so expensive?

Frameless screens are more expensive than semi-framed or fully-framed ones because their toughened safety glass is much thicker; 10mm glass thickness for frameless shower screens vs. 6mm standard thickness for semi-frameless screens, and no matter the shape, whether wall to wall frameless shower screen, Diamond shape, or Corner shape, they are all customized in Sydney, where labour costs are drastically high.


Are frameless shower screens safe?

Frameless shower screens are the safest.

Nothing beats the safety of frameless shower screens since they comply with safety Australian Standards, are strong, durable, and sturdy.


Beware if you have small kids at home.

Nonetheless, opt for the wall to wall semi-frameless shower screen instead of the frameless one if you have small kids at home because scratches that may fall on your body from the hinges that hold the shattered glass poses a great danger for your children, and heavy particles of broken glass injure and hurt the skin.


How much does it cost to install a frameless glass shower?

Frameless shower screens cost between AUD 1,100 and AUD 2,200, depending on quality, shape, size, glass thickness, and other features; for instance, the thicker the glass, the higher the price. A wall to wall frameless screen is more expensive than a fixed panel because the former requires more glass quantity and two panels instead of 1. A larger and bigger screen will cost you more than a smaller one.

Quality plays an important role as well. You buy your shower screen from an unknown supplier that doesn’t comply with Australian standards, thinking that you’re clever for paying a lower price. Unfortunately, we have to tell you that your screen will probably be broken or torn out much sooner than you expect. So make sure to buy your shower screens from recognized and respected providers in Australia.


How thick should frameless shower glass be?

The 10mm glass thickness is the option we recommend for frameless shower screens, although some people prefer to choose toughened safety glass 12 mm thick for extra protection and durability.

The standard semi-frameless shower screen has a 6mm glass thickness, but you can choose the thickness level you prefer.

Opt for the 10mm thick toughened safety glass when you intend to clean your glass screen easily and for a better hygienic atmosphere. 6.38mm thick toughened laminated glass is best for kids.


The 6mm thick toughened safety glass falls in between and is the standard for semi-frameless shower screens.

The sizes mentioned above sustain shocks, are bulky and durable and are high-quality and resistant to moisture.

Of course, if you are looking for luxury, you should choose the 10mm thickness or above. Rarely do people choose a thickness less than 6 mm, and we would not advise them to go below this size because thinner glass is fragile and susceptible to breaking, and that is the last thing you would like to face in your bathroom.

You have discerned by now that a semi-frameless shower screen offers the similar exquisiteness, unsurpassed quality, steadiness, and subsistence offered by frameless screens for a much better cost. And you also ascertained that a wall to wall shower screen is a Schmick and dernier cri chef d’œuvre that is picking up much steam all over Australia for its newfangled and exclusive specificities.

Whether you have an enormous, midsized, or teensy-weensy bathroom, a wall-to-wall shower screen will slot in your space, and many experts are on the run, ready to help you choose the best shower screen for your bathroom.

We have clued you up that the adjustable feature of a wall-to-wall shower screen gives you the upper hand in acting at ease in your bathroom, and we have apprised you about the unsurpassed opulent ritziness of a black wall to wall screen.

All of that ratifies that the wall to wall semi-frameless shower screen is the new black.

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