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Installing a new glass shower screen in your bathroom will add luxury and elegance to your space. Glass shower doors come in various shapes and designs. They come manufactured according to Australian Standards for your safety and the protection of your family. When choosing a shower screen, start searching for suppliers that offer shower screens near your area.

Showerland in Sydney is one example of a shower screen supplier that offers different types of high-quality glass showers manufactured with toughened safety glass in compliance with Australian Standards and the building code of Australia.

Our recommendation: The frameless shower screen

We highly recommend that you choose a frameless shower screen from Showerland. Professional experts at Showerland craft the frameless screen and manufacture it with 10mm thick safety glass to ensure its panels are durable and sturdy.


Find shower screens at affordable prices near you.

Showerland offers its products at competitive prices all over Australia. For instance, you can find affordable shower screens near Villawood NSW or cheap shower screens in Sydney and other areas. For more information, call Showerland and ask the company to offer you frameless shower screens near your location.

We also recommend that you find shower screens online by browsing the store page of Showerland. You will discover frameless, semi-frameless, or fully framed shower screens.


Shower screens options and designs

You can also choose from several designs of shower screens, such as the wall-to-wall glass screen, the corner or L shape screen, the Diamond-shaped one, the sliding shower screen, and other designs.

The hardware fittings for shower screens, such as metal brackets, door hinges, door handles, support bars, frames, and tracks, are also available from Showerland in premium qualities and different colours and finishes.


You make your own choice: Colour, Type of glass, design, style, and size.

For instance, you can opt for the elegant fixed panel frameless shower screen available in Chrome, Matt Black, and Brushed Nickel colours.

Showerland gives you a choice to select the type of glass for your shower screen, such as the Starphire Crystal Clear glass, the Frosted Glass, the Reeded Glass, and others.


The stylish semi-framed shower screen from Showerland

The semi-frameless shower screen offered by Showerland is also available in several designs. You can find the wall-to-wall semi-framed shower, the corner semi-framed glass screen, the Diamond and the sliding semi-framed screen.

The semi-framed shower screen comes manufactured with 6mm thick toughened safety glass, and crafters surround it with a 25mm thick aluminium frame. The standard height of the semi-frameless shower screen is 1950mm, but you can claim the size you want when you order a custom shower screen.

The semi-framed shower screen from Showerland is available in Chrome, Matt Black, and Matt Silver finishes.


You can also select the traditional fully-framed shower screen.

Showerland also offers fully-framed shower screens that come manufactured with laminated glass that is 6.38mm thick or 4mm thick toughened safety glass.

The fully framed corner shower screen is the oldest and most widely used glass screen in Australia. However, most households in Sydney are switching to frameless shower screens for the contemporary design and elegant style they offer to the bathroom.


The custom shower screen is your expression of freedom.

In addition to offering multiple shower screen types and designs, Showerland also allows you to order a custom shower screen that fits your tastes and preferences. You only inform the professionals in the company about the shape of the shower screen that you want, the type of glass, the colours, and the design, and Showerland’s team will get to work and deliver your order according to your instructions.


The different types of shower doors

You have the option to select from Showerland pivot shower doors, sliding doors or bi-fold doors for your screen. Pivot doors open back and forth, and you secure them with hinges to the bathroom wall or the return glass panel.

Showerland offers pivot doors with fully-framed, semi-framed, or frameless diamond-shaped shower screens. They also provide them with frameless and semi-framed wall-to-wall shower screens and with frameless or semi-framed corner showers.


As for sliding shower doors, you can find them at Showerland with frameless shower screens and with fully-framed corner and wall-to-wall shower screens.

The custom frameless sliding shower door from Showerland is available in Chrome and Matt Black colours. You can adjust the width of the frameless sliding shower door between 1200mm and 1800mm. This shower door comes manufactured with 10mm toughened safety glass, the same as other standard frameless shower screens.

Ask for a free quotation and a free of charge online visit.

Moreover, professional glaziers from Showerland will pay you a visit to take the correct measurements of your bathroom. Based on the results, and after meeting with you and discussing your wants and preferences, they will help you determine the best type of shower screen that fits your bathroom.

Within a maximum of two weeks, professional shower screen installers will return to your place and perform the shower screen installation. Those experts will ensure to adequately secure your glass shower in place, respecting all measures of safety and security.


It is worth noting that glaziers at Showerland are fully insured and fully licensed. They have long years of experience in Glazing and hold professional certificates in their specialty. Showerland also offers one year warranty on workmanship and three years warranty on hardware fittings and hinges. However, Showerlan does not warrant the glass in case the client smashed it.

We handle your shower screen replacement process.

Showerland experts will also handle your old shower screen replacement. This process will cost you an extra cost of AUD 165 because the glaziers will have to clean up the Old Silicone from the bathroom tiles, which will take them at least 45 minutes of work. The cleaning process of old Silicone is a must for the proper installation of the new shower screen because the old Silicone will cause mould buildup on the new Silicone.

Moreover, use Silicone material intended only for bathrooms, and that is anti-mould. Other types of Silicone will quickly wear out and accumulate bacteria.


Some critical differences between frameless, semi-framed, and fully-framed screens

Semi-frameless shower screens cost less than their frameless counterparts. The reason for that is the thicker glass that manufacturers adopt with frameless shower screens. The standard glass thickness for a semi-framed glass screen is 6 mm vs. 10 mm thickness for frameless shower doors.

However, semi-frameless screens still offer the same level of elegant modern design and stylish look for your bathroom.

Fully-framed shower screens or shower enclosures constitute the least expensive type of glass shower screens in Sydney. As the name indicates, those glass screens come surrounded by aluminium frames all over. Rarely do fully-framed enclosures leak, and you can find them at Showerland in various colours and designs and for very affordable prices.


Waterproofing your shower is essential.

It is crucial to properly waterproof and retile your bathroom before installing the new shower screen. You risk damaging your shower, bathroom floor and wall tiles, and glass panels if you forgo this step. A licensed waterproofer is a specialist that will perform the waterproofing process for your shower area.


Some recommendations for a fresh bathroom style

If you want to open up the area in your bathroom, we recommend that you install a frameless shower screen. This type of glass screen uses minimum space from your room and doesn’t require excessive hardware.

Moreover, ensure that you select fittings that rhyme with each other. For example, if you choose round shower taps and showerheads, go for the round door handles, metal brackets, and door hinges. Apply the same tactics for the colours of the hardware fittings.


Take regular care of your shower screen

Glass shower screens are easy and convenient to clean. However, as much as everything else, if you don’t take regular care of your glass screens, you risk permanently damaging them. For that reason, we advise you to clean your shower screens regularly after every shower you take. Neglecting the cleaning process of your shower screen will result in hard water stains, soap buildup, and dirt accumulating on the glass surfaces.

Those substances will make your shower screen cloudy and full of spots, and with time stubborn limescale will form on the glass. When that happens, no amount of home cleaning will be enough to bring back the fresh look of your glass screen. You will have to hire professional cleaning services to do the job with unique materials and equipment.


To not reach that level, we recommend that you perform a glass coating treatment for your shower screen. Showerland offers this glass treatment for competitive prices. It consists of applying a substance on the surface of your glass panels to make them smooth and resistant to the accumulation of hard water stains, limescale, and soap scum.

All shower screens contain microscopic holes on the surfaces of their glass panels, which make them susceptible to accumulate mould and water stains. When you perform glass coating for your screen, you will get those holes covered and prevent any substances from infiltrating your shower screen.

Showerland recommends that you perform the glass coating procedure for your shower screen once every three to five years.

People also ask

Installing a shower screen maximizes the space that you can benefit from in your bathroom. Moreover, when you install a shower screen, you prevent water from splashing outside of your shower area and, as a result, damaging your bathroom floor tiles.

Also, when you use a shower screen instead of a traditional tub, you save a significant amount of water. A new shower screen, particularly a frameless one, will add luxury and elegance to your bathroom and will give it a spa-like ambience. You will increase the resale value of your property when you install a new shower screen in your bathroom.

Apart from looking for affordable prices when you intend to buy a new shower screen, we recommend you check reviews about shower screen suppliers online to choose the best quality of glass showers and service.

Moreover, we recommend you choose shower screen providers near your area because the shower screen price will change depending on the distance that the installers need to travel to reach your place. Additionally, buy your shower screen from companies that will also take care of the shower installation process, delivery and take the exact measurements of your bathroom before purchasing the shower screen.

Ensure that the glaziers that will install your shower screen are fully insured and fully licensed.

To get a smear-free shower screen, perform a glass coating treatment for your glass panels once every three to five years. This procedure will ensure that your screen stays brand new for a long time and that it doesn’t accumulate hard water stains, soap scum, and dirt on its surfaces. Moreover, try to clean your shower screen after every shower you take.

You can also use home solutions, such as white vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, or a dishwashing tablet to clean your shower screen and remove accumulated substances off its surfaces.

During the installation process, people who lack experience in glass shower screens may mishandle the glass panels causing them to explode and cause injuries. Several other factors can cause the shower screen to explode, such as tightening the hinges and the screws more than is necessary.

To prevent such dangerous incidents, hire professional glaziers to perform the shower installation of your shower screen and don’t intervene in the process whatsoever. Moreover, if the shower screen needs repair, don’t attempt to take any actions yourself. Instead, call for emergency glass replacement services which are available 24/7 all over Sydney and Australia.

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