Shower screen glass replacement: How to do it properly

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When you decide to perform a shower screen glass replacement and throw away your old shower, you have to take your decisions appropriately. For instance, you may be at a loss about the choice of a shower screen that you need to make. One of the first decisions you need to make is picking a fully frameless shower screen, a semi-frameless shower screen, or a fully framed shower screen. Another would be to select the door type for your new shower screen, such as a sliding or pivot door. We will answer all of those questions and more in our guide for properly performing your shower screen glass replacement.

Types of shower screens to choose from

Showerland in Australia offers you various types of high-quality shower screens to choose from. You can opt for the elegant design of a frameless glass shower screen or the more simplistic semi-framed shower surrounded by high-end aluminium frames. Moreover, the company gives you a choice to select a custom shower screen depending on your tastes and preferences. Showerland uses the Australian Standard compliant 10mm toughened safety glass for its frameless shower screens.

Moreover, professional personnel will pay you a visit during any business day of the week to take the correct measurements of your bathroom. They will help you then select the best suitable shower screen for your space.


Showerland experts will take care of all the details after choosing the shower screen type and characteristics you need. They will handle transportation and delivery, shower screen installation, follow-up, and after-sales service.

Showerland always has plenty of shower glass offers to pick from, including offers on wall-to-wall screens, walk-in showers, Diamond-shaped glass screens, and others.

The process for replacing your existing shower screen

Sometimes, your existing shower screen might become old, its glass might crack, its frames might break, or you would want to renew the design of your bathroom. You take the decision to replace your old glass shower screen with a brand new one. We will guide you through the process of your shower screen replacement and will give you some tips about frameless shower screen installation. However, we highly recommend hiring professional glaziers and installers to perform the installation process for your shower screen and remove your old screen. Without the proper experience and knowledge, you will not be able to perform the replacement by yourself. You will risk doing it without complying with Australian Safety Standards, which will lead to glaziers and waterproofers refusing to fix your screen.


Steps to adopt to remove your old shower screen

Step 1: Remove the shower door and uninstall the inner and upper tracks for framed or semi-framed shower screens.

Step 2: Remove the bottom track by cutting the caulk. This step is very delicate, and you should ensure that you clean the area well. Professional installers are the ones who should perform this step.

Step 3: Ensure that you remove the old Silicone and clean the area well before applying the new Silicone. Do that step to prevent bacteria that accumulated on the old Silicone from building up on the new material.


Step 4: You have to waterproof the shower area and the floor and wall tiles of the bathroom to ensure that the new shower is watertight. It's a must that you hire a licensed, qualified waterproofer to perform this job.

Step 5: Proceed with the installation of your new shower screen.

The cost of replacing a glass shower screen

The shower screen replacement cost in Sydney ranges from AUD 300 up to AUD 690. This shower glass replacement cost excludes the installation fees of the new shower screen and concerns fully framed showers. If you have a bathtub in place, it will cost you between AUD 500 and AUD 1,000 to uninstall it. This cost depends on the weight and type of the tub.

For larger bathrooms, we recommend you install frameless walk-in shower screens for added luxury and elegance. This type of doorless screen gives your bathroom a modern aesthetic look and a spa-like atmosphere.


The installation cost of a walk-in shower ranges between AUD 660 and AUD 825. Moreover, we recommend that you waterproof your bathroom for a price of AUD 400. Waterproofing your shower will guarantee that the water will not splash out of the shower area and ruin the tiles and bathroom design.

Moreover, if you choose to retile your bathroom, the process will cost you around AUD 40/sqm.

You may take the decision to keep your old bathtub in place because it rhymes with the design of your bathroom. In that case, you can install an over-bath frameless shower screen. Take the necessary steps to ensure that you get the exact measurements of the area surrounding the bath and the door. Moreover, take precise measurements of the tub's height. Hire a professional glazier to execute the installation properly.

Moreover, if you have a large bathroom and a traditional bathtub, you can also install the frameless or semi-framed shower screen around the tub.

Repairing your existing shower screen instead of replacing it

Showerland offers shower screen repairs in Sydney and other areas of Australia. Your existing shower door might be still new, but the frames, rollers, hinges, and other parts might require maintenance or replacement. In this case, you can search for companies that offer shower screen repairs near your area. Instead of replacing your shower screen altogether, call on the experts and let them do the proper job on your behalf.

For added safety, choose from the beginning high-quality toughened safety glass for your shower screen.


Opt for a thickness of at least 10 mm for frameless shower screens and 6 mm for semi-frameless ones. You can also choose thicker glass panels to make sure that the shower screen is sturdy and durable. Moreover, perform a glass coating for your shower panels once every 3 to 5 years. This glass treatment will ensure that your shower panel stays brand new and clean. Also, hire two professionals at least to install your shower screen. You will ensure that the glass panels are appropriately handled and minimize the risk of damaging or breaking them when you do that.

If you adopt these recommended practices, you can prevent damaging, breaking, or scratching your screen, and you will not need to perform any repairs for your shower panels.

People also ask

For frameless shower screens, the uninstalling process needs proper care and consideration. We recommend you hire a professional glazier to cover all the details, including installing the new glass shower. When removing the old shower screen, ensure to clean the old Silicone and remove it altogether. You also have to properly waterproof your shower area and bathroom floor and wall tiles.

Semi-frameless and fully framed shower screens must be more straightforward to replace than their frameless counterparts. Fully-framed screens usually come assembled from the beginning, which makes them easy to remove.

Excluding the installation costs of your new glass screen, you will have to pay between AUD 300 and AUD 690 to remove your existing shower screen in Australia. Several factors influence this price, such as labour costs. For instance, if the glass replacement task requires more time to accomplish, it will cost more in terms of labour fees.

Other factors include the type and size of glass that you are removing. For example, removing a frameless shower screen will cost more than removing a semi-framed or fully-framed glass screen. Additionally, a fixed panel shower screen will cost less to uninstall than a two-panel or three-panel screen.

To ensure a proper shower screen glass replacement, you have to hire a fully insured, fully qualified glazier to perform the whole process, from removing the old shower screen to installing the new one. To do that, do not search for low-price, low-quality work. It's not always wise to choose the cheaper options, and you might get your new shower screen wrongly installed and unsecured.

Moreover, go online and search for professional glaziers near you, read reviews on the web, and ask for free quotes. Call the glaziers and request quotations, price lists, and details about what they have to offer. Ask them for their certifications, whether they are fully insured, licensed, and experienced. If you follow those steps, you will hire the best glaziers in town who will adequately replace the shower screen for you and give you peace of mind.

If you believe that you don't need to replace your shower screen and want to repair it instead, we recommend you ask for the advice of a fully qualified and licensed glazier who will help you make your best decision.

Sometimes, semi-frameless or fully framed shower screens need only glass replacement, and you can keep the tracks and aluminium frames in place. Also, when the glass is intact and the rollers are not functioning correctly, you can either repair them or replace them without throwing away your whole shower screen. The same applies to other hardware fittings, such as hinges, metal brackets, doorknobs, support bars, etc.

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