Shower screen door repairs: What you need to know

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For your safety and protection, it is better to ensure that you install your glass shower screen correctly and secure it well to prevent it from falling off or breaking. Moreover, your shower screen door must open easily, both for pivot and sliding doors. From the beginning, opt for a high-quality shower screen to prevent costly maintenance and unnecessary shower screen repairs. Showerland offers various types of glass shower doors, including semi-frameless and frameless shower screens. You can also choose a custom shower screen, and Showerland’s professional team will gladly craft it for you. Moreover, licensed and qualified glaziers at Showerland will perform a correct shower screen installation. When you buy a high-quality shower screen, you will avoid the risk of constant shower screen repairs or replacements. However, with time, some hardware fittings of the shower door can wear and may need repairs or replacements. We recommend you look for companies that provide premium shower screen parts near your area. Those fittings include door hinges, wall metal brackets, floor metal brackets, support bars, rollers, metal tracks, and others.

Hire professional glaziers to perform your shower screen installation

It is not a straightforward task to fix your shower screen. It requires expert intervention, and you can not do it by yourself unless you have the necessary experience and know-how to use the tools needed for the job.


Search for shower screen repair services near you

For your convenience, look for built-in wardrobes and shower screen repairs near you. For instance, you can find shower screen repairs in Newcastle or shower screen repairs in Sutherland shire. Showerland provides shower door repairs near your areas, including the North Shore, the Eastern Suburbs, and the Northern Beaches.

Moreover, you can also look for shower screen door repairs near Villawood NSW if you live near that area.


You don’t have to replace your shower screen altogether.

One point of concern for you could be the shower screen replacement cost. However, you have to know that if only parts of the shower screen were damaged, you don’t have to go with a total replacement of the door, and you can only implement the required repairs for your shower screen.

First, professional glaziers will need to know the problem with your shower door that needs repairs or fixing.

Sometimes, your sliding glass door might have rollers on the top, while others have their rollers at the bottom of the glass screen.

Moreover, if you have a pivot door, it might not open or close properly, and as a result, will require some repairs.


Experts will pay you a free of charge visit.

The experts will then visit your place to identify the problem with your shower door and propose the most suitable solution. If they can fix your screen without replacing it altogether, they will ensure that you don’t pay unnecessary fees.


Opt for emergency glass repairs or replacements

We recommend seeking an emergency glass repair or replacement when the shower door glass breaks or falls off. Broken glass poses threats to your safety and the safety of your family and loved ones. It would be best if you never kept the shattered glass in places where people pass by, particularly in bathrooms.


Problems you might face with your glass shower doors.

Some sliding shower doors stop operating correctly with time. Those shower doors may not slide as required and might get stuck and emit noises when sliding them on the tracks. Also, some pivot doors can fall off their hinges and may not open and close properly. You would have to stay vigilant and careful when handling them, which will create a stressful experience for you.

Expert installers will quickly handle all of those problems, replace the worn parts, and fix the ones they can repair. Your glass shower door will look new again and will get back to operating smoothly.


Do not DIY your defective glass shower screens.

Don’t attempt under any circumstances to fix glass shower screens by yourself. Many people reported that once they tried to perform shower door repairs by themselves, they broke the whole shower screen and got the glass shattered all over the place. For example, you might fasten the door hinges more than needed, risking blowing the glass panel over your head. The only way to get your shower screen fixed is to call a professional who will handle the job efficiently and quickly.


Always check for the best shower screen repairs prices.

Always look for the best prices available on the market without compromising on quality. To do that, ask your service provider for a free quotation detailing your shower screen replacement cost. Moreover, look for online reviews about the quality of work that professional glaziers offer.

From the start, opt for toughened safety glass for your shower screen. This type of glass is the safest on the market, it is compliant with Australian Standards, and when broken, it shatters into small ice-like particles that should not cause damages. However, it is better to pay attention because sometimes, you might suffer some minor cuts from this type of glass explosion.


Even if you installed your shower screen decades ago, Showerland’s fully insured, fully licensed glaziers would fix any defective pieces in your glass shower door. We advise you to send pictures of the glass of your shower screen, door hinges, tracks, and other parts of the shower door. When you do that, you will help them quickly identify the problem with your shower screen and the shower door repairs that they need to implement.

After fixing your shower screen, it will look brand new, as if it didn’t have any defects before. Apart from offering shower screen repairs for households in Australia, Showerland also provides repair and replacement services for real estate agents and strata managers.

Most of the tasks that professional technicians and glaziers perform to fix your shower screen include:

  • Replacing broken glass.
  • Re-applying new Silicone material to the shower screen to replace the old Silicone.
  • Changing door hinges or repairing them.
  • Changing doorknobs and door handles whenever they don’t operate adequately.
  • Replacing the rollers when they don’t function properly anymore.

We recommend the glass coating treatment.

When you replace the broken glass of your shower screen, seize the opportunity to perform a glass coating for your new shower panels. Glass coating is a glass treatment process that will make your screen much easier to clean and keep it always looking brand new. We recommend you perform glass coating once every three to five years.


People also ask

It is not a straightforward task to fix your shower screen. We recommend you hire professional glaziers to perform the job for you. Many people reported many incidents of broken glass and hospitalisations because they attempted to fix their shower screens by themselves.

First, the glazier has to ensure that the top roller is appropriately on track. He will then altogether remove the door and work on fixing and adjusting the rollers. The glazier might also assess that the rollers need replacement. He may use Silicone lubricants to test them.

Loose screws can cause your pivot shower door to stick. The buildup of soap scum is also another reason for a sticking pivot shower door. A professional glazier will adequately tighten the door screws without risking blowing up the glass panels.

You can use home solutions such as white vinegar and lemon juice or baking soda to solve the issue of soap scum. But we recommend that you hire professional cleaning services personnel to perform the job correctly and quickly for you.

Moreover, a pivot shower door that doesn’t close properly will also have a problem with loose screws in hinges and handles.

It will cost you between AUD 300 and AUD 1200 to replace your broken glass shower door. This price does not include the installation costs of a new shower screen. If you choose to install a chrome-framed shower screen, you will expect to pay around AUD 300.

Moreover, a two-panel frameless shower screen will cost you AUD 750 and an additional AUD 350 in installation costs. The price increases to AUD 1,650 for three-panel frameless shower screens, including installation, transportation costs, and GST (Goods and Services Tax).

It would help if you considered replacing your glass shower door whenever it starts to stick, gives you a hard time closing, or issues annoying noises. Those signs indicate that the frames and tracks of your shower screen are worn, which increases the risk of your glass door falling off and breaking down. Moreover, we recommend that you opt for replacing your shower door whenever the glass gets scratched or cracked. A glass panel with defects poses a severe safety hazard.

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