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A detailed shower installation guide

Installing a shower screen correctly in your bathroom is a vital process you should adopt to have a securely fit screen. In our article, we will guide you to learn how to install a shower enclosure. Moreover, let us tell you about some vital shower installation tips.


Hire professionals for your shower installation

We highly recommend that you hire professional and qualified installers to perform the shower screen installation. You do that to ensure that you properly execute the process.

Showerland in Sydney is a reputable glass shower screen supplier in Australia. Showerland offers several types of showers.

The company is known for its top-quality customer service. Showerland takes care of the whole process for you. The company selects the best suitable shower screen for your bathroom, delivers and installs it for you.

Wherever you live in Australia, Showerland will provide you with fully qualified and fully insured installers for your shower installation near you.


You will need more than one professional to install your shower screen.

We advise you to hire more than one professional for your shower door installation. Do that for added security and good work quality.

Showerland in Sydney is a reputable glass shower screen supplier in Australia. Showerland offers several types of showers.

First, you will need a licensed waterproofer. The latter will ensure that your bathroom, shower floor and shower walls are waterproof. Then, we recommend you hire a plumber to install your shower head and tapware. Moreover, the plumber will verify that the hot water system is correctly in place and functions well.

You may also need an electrician to install a new lighting system in the bathroom. For example, you may want to switch to a Smart lighting power system. This system complements the style and elegance of your new shower screen and bathroom design.

And most importantly, you will need a qualified installer to put in place the new glass screen that you selected.

Showerland offers you a shower measure visit from professionals that will travel to your location to take measurements for your bathroom. Based on the results, those experts will help you determine and select the best shower screen and type of shower door that suits your bathroom.

In a maximum period of two weeks after the measurements visit, Showerland will send in screen installers to your place. Those professionals will get the shower screen installation process done.


Various types and styles of shower screens

You can choose to install a frameless, semi-frameless, or framed shower screen.

The shower door of a semi-frameless shower screen has no frame around it, and the frame only surrounds the glass panels of the screen.

On the contrary, a fully framed shower enclosure comes with a frame surrounding the shower door, the glass panels, and the adjoining parts of the glass screen.

Moreover, most enclosures come with acrylic shower trays on which the shower enclosure rests.

Whether you select a frameless, semi-framed, or fully framed shower screen, you have the option to choose among different styles, including the L corner screen, fixed panel, diamond-shaped screen, wall-to-wall glass screen and others.

Your budget, style, personal preferences and the size of your bathroom are some factors that will influence your choice selection. For example, if you have a small bathroom, you will consider choosing the L corner shower screen over other styles.

Moreover, you can choose a sliding shower door, a hinged door, a doorless walk-in shower or other types of shower doors.

You can find below some tips on how to install a shower screen from Bunnings. We will give you semi-frameless or fully-framed corner shower installation instructions.


The corner shower installation instructions

  • Remove your old shower curtains and clear the area to make sure that you install your new shower screen on clean surfaces.
  • Mount the metal wall and floor brackets in place and then use a spirit level to ensure everything is straight and perfectly level.
  • Mark the holes on the metal brackets and drill the pilot holes in the wall.
  • Next, attach the hinged door to the frame to secure the screen.
  • Screw the panels to the wall using a screwdriver and then fit the handle to the shower door
  • From the outside, apply Silicone sealant to the edges of your shower enclosure to make the screen waterproof.
  • Leave for 24 hours for the Silicone sealant to dry.

Safety instructions for shower screen glaziers

Professional licensed glaziers that will install your shower screen must abide by the following safety instructions:

  1. The installers must wear gloves and long sleeves during the shower installation
  2. The installers must wear safety glasses for eye protection
  3. The installers must wear a helmet to prevent injury from possible glass breaking.
  4. They have to wear earplugs during the drilling process for ear protection.
  5. They must wear a mask when applying the Silicone sealant

The installation of semi-frameless and fully-framed shower screens is easy when contrasted with the installation process of frameless ones. Learn how to install a frameless shower screen and inform yourself about the steps you have to follow for the installation process.

For added security and safety, we recommend that you hire two installers to put your shower screen in place. Moreover, ensure that you get a specific trailer vehicle hire to carry glass panels larger than 2000 mm x 2000 mm in size.


How to install a shower over bath

You will learn next about the following: how to install a shower over a bath if you wish to keep your old tub in place and do not wish to uninstall it.

  • Install the bracket into the wall and put it 36 mm away from the outside edge of the tub.
  • Make sure to use a suitable drill bit for your wall and then drill the holes after you mark them on the wall.
  • Fix the brackets into the wall using the screws.
  • Place the glass screen into the brackets over the bath and make sure that you adjust it correctly so that the seal under the panel touches the tub, and the glass panel doesnt touch the wall.
  • To get a waterproof seal, apply Silicone sealant all over the panel.
  • Do not touch the panel for at least 24 hours and you can start using your shower screen in 24 hours after ensuring that the Silicone sealant is dried.

Shower screen repairs

Professionals at Showerland will make sure that they need to repair your shower screen, whether by replacing broken glass, applying the sealant again, fixing or replacing the hinges and other hardware fittings, fixing the tracks, or changing the roller.

Professionals assess the damages to your screen. Then, they will recommend repairing it or changing it altogether.


People also ask

You will have to pay from AUD 275 and up to AUD 440 to install a new shower screen that comes assembled from the beginning. However, the installation cost of a boxed non-assembled glass screen rises to AUD 550. Those non-assembled screens need five hours to install. A fully-framed shower screen will cost you less to install than a frameless shower screen.

The installation cost of fully framed screens ranges between AUD 275 and AUD 385. The installation price will vary according to the size of the glass panels and the distance that the installers need to travel to reach your place.

You can install a shower screen by yourself. To do that, you should have the experience to use the tools for the shower installation.

However, we recommend that you hire professional glaziers to fit your shower screen. Those glaziers are licensed and have certificates in Glass and Glazing. Those installers also know how to perform the shower installation correctly. Moreover, when you hire professional shower screen installers, you prevent the risk of injuring yourself, damaging the screen, or breaking the glass panels.

If you are installing an electric shower, it is better to hire an electrician to help with the job. The electric shower will use the cold water supply and heat it. Moreover, when drilling into the wall, there may be electric cables. The electrician may be more familiar with those cables and will know how to relocate and install those cables in a way that does not interfere with the shower installation process.

You also need an electrician to install a Smart lighting power system in your bathroom that complements the shower screen.

Walk-in shower costs start at AUD 660 and rise to AUD 825 depending on whether the walls and tiles of the shower area sit at a 90 degrees angle.

This price includes measurement, Goods and services taxes, and installation costs. Moreover, removing your old bathtub will cost you from AUD 500 and up to AUD 1,000. Walk-in showers are easy to install because they usually consist of one fixed panel, are doorless and easy to transport.

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