Installing a frameless shower screen: a detailed guide

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Want to benefit from space in your bathroom? Want to turn its design into an elegant style? Then now is the time that you install a classy frameless shower screen. It will remodel your bathroom and turn it into a 5-star hotel feel with a stylish look. For example, high-quality shower hinges with Chrome or Matte Black finishes will turn your bathroom into a 5-star luxurious state-of-the-art space. In our article, we will focus on some frameless shower screen details that you need to know. You will next have the possibility to select the shower screen that best fits your bathroom.

How do you install a frameless shower screen?

We will guide you through a 14-step process on how to install a frameless shower screen.

But first comes safety.

Metal frames don’t support fully frameless shower screens, so the glass is only supported by pivot hinges which gives frameless screens a floating aesthetic.

However, first things first, we speak about safety. Two professionals must install the frameless screen. Moreover, they should wear the following material during the process:

Frameless shower screen installation instructions

Choosing a 900 x 900 frameless shower screen offers multiple advantages.

  • Gloves to prevent injury of hands
  • Safety glasses for eye protection
  • Helmet to protect the head
  • Long sleeves
  • Headset or earplugs for ear protection
  • Face mask when applying silicone

How do you install a frameless Highgrove corner shower enclosure?

The corner shower enclosure made with Highgrove glass is one of the most popular choices for frameless shower screens. You can find below the shower screen installation process for this type of shower enclosure:

1- Take precise measurements to level the frameless screen. This step is to ensure that the glass panel doesn’t break. Moreover, take those measurements to install the brackets correctly and avoid damaging the screen.

2- You will first install the fixed glass panel. Note that the screen must not be in direct contact with the floor at all. For that reason, install two rubber silicon blocks in front of the floor brackets at the bottom of each panel. Moreover, the screen must be at least 2 mm away from the wall.

3- Install the first wall bracket at a 200mm height from the floor. The second bracket is at an 1800mm height above the floor. Use a spirit level to double-check that the Brackets are straight and vertical. Mark the screw holes with the laser to install the panel correctly.

4-Then, drill the marked holes and install the green plugs. Make sure to use the appropriate drill bit when riddling into the wall.

5-Next, apply silicone all around the hole, and then install the brackets on the panel. After that, fasten the Brackets with a screw.

6- Install the hinges for the shower door using the Allen key.

7- Put the door in place through the hinges, and tighten them with the Allen key.

8- Close the hinge panel correctly so that it fits the 90 degrees angle from the wall.

9- Now install the return panel. Using a laser, make sure that this panel is flatly and vertically aligned.

10- To put the return glass panel in place, repeat the same steps you used to install the fixed panel.

11- Apply clear silicone with a thickness of 3mm from both sides of the shower enclosure.

12- Under the door, install a Plastic frame with a 45-degree angle to the inside. Use this frame to avoid water splashing out of the shower.

13- We recommend you add two sealers. Install the first between the fixed panel and the door. Add the second between the return panel and the shower door. The sealers will cover the 5mm gaps to avoid water leakage.

14- Finally, to prevent water splashing out, install an Aluminium base under the hinge panel. This base height is 6mm to 10mm.

Can you install a shower screen yourself ?

You can rarely install the shower screen all by yourself. To do so, you should have the experience of using the tools to install shower enclosures and glass panels.

We recommend that only professionals install glass screens, particularly frameless shower screens. The latter are susceptible to breaking if you don’t handle them correctly and delicately during installation.

In the case of semi-framed and fully framed screens, those are easier to install.

In all cases, we recommend you hire a professional to help you install your shower screen.

Can you have a frameless shower screen with a shower base?

You can install a plastic shower tray as a base under your frameless screen. Those are available in a variety of shapes, designs, sizes, and colours. Manufacturers produce shower bases to prevent water leakage.


People also ask:

High-quality shower screens come made with toughened glass according to Australian Standards. Those do not leak. Chances of leakage drop next to zero if you hire expert professionals to install your shower screen correctly.

However, leakage may occur for some reasons: First, if there is a water overflow from the showerhead, and second, if the floor is straight and not sloped.

Moreover, install a sealer between the glass panel and the hinged door to cover the gap of around 5mm. By that, you can avoid water leakage.

Frameless shower screens prices range from AUD 990 to AUD 2,200 with GST (Goods and services tax) included.

Frameless screens are more expensive than semi-framed or fully framed showers. Frameless screens use Australian Standard 10mm toughened glass. Moreover, those screens are customized depending on the measurements of your bathroom. They do that in Sydney, where labour costs are drastically high.

Frameless shower screens give your bathroom a clean feel. They are strong, sturdy, and of high quality. You can increase the durability of frameless screens with glass coating once every 3 to 5 years. Glass coating also keeps the glass panels looking brand new.

Door hinges are the only tools that require maintenance with frameless shower screens. Change the hinges of your shower door whenever they start squeaking.

Frameless shower screens come manufactured following Australian Standards. The toughened safety glass of the panels is 10mm thick, strong, and durable. If this glass breaks, it doesn’t cause any harm or injury.

However, if you have kids at home, opt for semi-framed or fully-framed shower screens instead of frameless screens. Scratches may fall on your body from the brass-made hinges that hold the shattered glass. Those will pose a danger for your children. Heavy particles of broken glass will injure and hurt the skin.

The average cost of installing a frameless shower screen is AUD 440. This price depends on several factors.

First, the distance travelled by the professional. Second, how many professionals will perform the installation. And third, the size of your screen.

A screen bigger than 700 mm will require two professionals to install it.

You can install a corner shower enclosure in two hours.

A return glass panel will require 30 minutes to install.

Plumbers do not usually fit frameless shower screens. Most of the time, they break the glass panels and hurt themselves. Others do not try going through the installation hassle. They want to prevent injuries.

However, plumbers find it easier to install semi-framed or fully-framed shower screens.

We provided you with the details for your shower installation. It is time to call that professional and order your favourite enclosure now.

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