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Top qualified glaziers in Sydney: A guide on their work

To properly fit your glass shower screen into your bathroom, you have to hire a fully qualified glazier in Sydney to supply and install the glass panels for you.

A professional glazier will perform glass installations, glass replacements, and also emergency glass repairs when needed.

Moreover, several companies in Sydney employ glaziers near you that work according to a full-time schedule with a 24/24 hour emergency availability to provide you with a quick and professional service. For example, you can count on a qualified glazier that will be immediately available to perform the glass repair that you request if you have suddenly broken your glass screen after the middle of the night.


The tasks performed by Glaziers in Sydney.

Glaziers know how to expertly handle glass products and possess a long experience in working with different types of glass windows and screens. In addition to installing glass shower screens, glaziers also install pool fences, glass splashbacks and balustrades. Glaziers usually install glass splashbacks in front of a wall in the kitchen. Those splashbacks protect the wall from splashes, are easy to clean, add luxury to your kitchen, are durable and easy to install.


The first step for fitting your shower screen with a glazier

The first step to correctly install your shower screen is to take the measurements of your bathroom to know what type of glazing and screen you need. Showerland in Sydney offers you the opportunity to request a free measure and quote for your bathroom. Professional glaziers from Showerland will pay you a visit to perform this process and select the best screen that fits your space and needs.


The option to order a custom shower screen

If you would like to order a custom glass shower screen, glaziers will also perform the process of glass cutting for you. However, a custom shower screen will cost you more than a standard one because it requires more time to manufacture, more craftsmanship, and since labour costs in Sydney are high.


The time that a glazier needs to install your shower screen

Moreover, Showerland’s team of glaziers will need a maximum of two weeks from the date of the measure visit to install your shower screen. The installation time will vary depending on the type of screen. For example, a glazier will need 30 to 45 minutes to fit a fixed panel, 60 minutes for a wall-to-wall shower screen, 90 minutes to install a corner or a diamond-shaped screen, and 120 minutes for a frameless shower screen.


Showerland and the top quality of service

Please note that Showerland offers top quality and durable shower screens that come professionally designed and will increase the resale value of your bathroom. Moreover, the company stopped installing several types of products that are not fully compliant with quality standards; the management of Showerland took such a step to keep providing its customers with the top quality of service and products that they used to order.


Showerland glaziers are available all over Australia.

Showerland also employs glaziers in Sydney inner west, glaziers in Castle Hill, glaziers in Sutherland Shire, glaziers in Hornsby and all over Australia.

The installation cost will vary depending on the distance glaziers need to travel to reach your place. Usually, a glazier travels for 30 minutes to reach the place of installation. However, this driving time can increase up to 60 minutes.


Additional tasks performed by glaziers.

Glaziers also remove and replace all types of glass and Aluminium windows, perform window glass replacement and glass coating.

Glass coating is a process that keeps your shower screen looking brand new and easy to clean. Glaziers will apply a transparent product on your screen so that the screen will become smoother, and no dirt, water, or shampoo will stick on it anymore. We recommend you perform coating for your glass screens once every 3 to 5 years.

You will undoubtedly need the help of fully qualified and fully insured glaziers to take care of the cutting, replacement and installation process of shower screens and window glass in Sydney if you intend to renovate your home and hire professional designers.


The process to earn a glazier apprenticeship.

To get a glazier apprenticeship program, an expert undergoes several years of training and has to earn a Certificate III in Glass and Glazing (MSF30418). It usually takes four years to get a glazier apprenticeship program where the trainee attends extensive hours of technical training and paid on-the-job training.

The glazier learns how to use the tools and equipment that he needs to perform his tasks. Moreover, he will know how to install glass products correctly and implement safety practices and first aid procedures. Unfortunately, because of frequent falls and their delicate work, glaziers are more susceptible to injuries and illnesses than other workers.


Glaziers also work in commercial buildings.

In addition to the work they perform in residential properties, glaziers in Sydney also do the same in commercial buildings where they manufacture and install all types of glass in compliance with the building code of Australia and Australian Standards. Emergency glass repairs are vital for shops and commercial properties because broken glass poses a danger to the public, clients and owners of the business.

Moreover, companies that employ glaziers also have special vehicles that can carry all types of glass and transport them quickly and efficiently to your destination.


Having a glazier near you available 24/24 is a must.

Even though you may be very careful at home and delicate with your glass products, accidents happen. For example, you may face an act of vandalism, a robbery, or a tree may fall on your glass windows. Those accidents can damage and break your glass, and this is why you always need to have a glazier near you available 24/24 to quickly visit you and perform the glass repair or replacement you require.


Types of glass available at Showerland

Showerland provides you with all the types of glass that you need for your shower screen. Types of glass include but are not limited to toughened safety glass available in several thicknesses, standard laminated glass, high performance reflective coated glass, Starphire Crystal clear glass, Frosted glass and Reeded glass.


Glaziers are well-paid because of their delicate job.

Some glaziers also work with plastic material, granite and marble in addition to glass products. Since most of those glaziers work full-time and put much physical effort into their jobs, they are usually well-paid, and glaziers salaries are high.

Wherever you live in Australia, whether in Sydney inner west, Castle Hill, Sutherland Shire or Hornsby, you can find fully qualified licensed glaziers near you. Those glaziers will offer you a professional service 24/24 hours a day, including glass installation, glass replacement or glass repair. You can also get those services for a very affordable and reasonable price whether you need them for your home, office, or shop.


People also ask

Because new construction projects are booming in Sydney and the region, Showerland glaziers are in high demand. Moreover, there is always a need for emergency glass repairs because of broken glass panels such as windows, doors, front shops and other glass products. Those emergency glass repairs are another reason why our fully qualified, fully insured licensed glaziers are constantly in demand.

To become a glazier, you have to learn how to cut several types of glass, assemble glass in a frame, install glass windows and screens in compliance with Australian Standards. You also have to learn how to install glass shower screens, know how to work on a scaffold and have a minimum of two years of glazier apprenticeship. Therefore, we recommend that you undergo a 4-year apprenticeship program and get a Certificate III in Glass and Glazing (MSF30418).

Professional and qualified glazier salaries are high. A glazier gets AUD 28 to AUD 38 per hour in addition to benefits. Moreover, working as a glazier is a good trade because you can get a builder license after achieving the required experience in glazing.

However, you have to know that the work of a glazier is delicate and requires much physical effort. Moreover, glaziers have a higher rate of falls, illnesses and injuries.

First of all, you have to check if the glazier is licensed if the glazier is licensed. Next, check the reviews related to the best glaziers in town on Google, the yellow pages and other online sources.

Then, make sure that the glazier that you intend to hire has public liability insurance. The insurance will protect you against any potential injuries and accidents that may arise from the glazing work. By ensuring that the glazier is fully insured, you will save legal costs and avoid going into a hassle because of any arising problems.

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