Framed Shower Screen Types You Need To Know About

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The bathroom is perhaps the most prominent place in a home as it allows the residents to unwind and slough off all the worries with a refreshing bath. Plus, it is an ever-ready sanctuary where you can isolate yourself when the outside world gets a little too scary. Simply put, the bathroom is a well-used space.

Being such an essential place in a home, a bathroom should be somewhat inviting if not too extravagantly designed. And the best way to achieve that is by putting a shower glass to separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom.

Installing a glass shower enclosure is a fail-safe and quick route to convert a boring bathroom into a pleasant retreat. Whether you want to redo your entire bathroom or wish to give it just a touch of elegance, a shower sheet will work for you flawlessly.

However, if you are one to get flustered when asked to make a choice between multiple options, then you will have trouble picking out a shower glass because the variety available on the market is extensive. While there are many varieties of shower enclosures, framed and unframed styles are the two broad classifications. Since said groups further disperse into a plethora of choices, we will give you an insight into all the framed shower screen varieties as those are more popular and durable.

Here is a rundown of all framed shower screen types you need to know about.

Single Panel

January 1, 2021 by Sam

As the name implies, a single panel framed shower screen is just one sheet of glass with (mostly) metallic borders erected beside the shower area to stop water from leaving the premises. A single panel shower glass is the most basic style of bath enclosure one can use, but it surely gets the job done.

A framed shower screen is more robust than its frameless counterparts and with good reason. Framed shower screens are much more hard-wearing because of the support from the added borders. Since shower sheets are made of glass, having extra material assistance minimizes the chances of wear and tear. That said, a frame doesn’t prevent depreciation, but it certainly reduces the possibility. Nonetheless, sturdy borders can prop up a glass pane upright more firmly, especially when the enclosure features a single panel.

The Wall to Wall Enclosure

Just as the title suggests, a wall to wall framed glass enclosure is a shower cabin in which the panes run from wall to wall with corners supporting glass, creating a nook.

A wall to wall shower glass compartment makes a compact structure, giving an upscale appeal to the bathroom. Typically, it features a swinging door, but a sliding opening is also used sometimes. Because such a cabin requires a door, having frames lends superior stability to the entire construction. Whether you choose to go with the framed variety or not is up to you, but it is a more reliable option and decidedly so.

The Corner Square

January 1, 2021 by Sam

The corner square is one of the most commonly used shower cabin styles in suburban bathrooms. It’s a half-baked take on the wall to wall enclosure. In this design, a shower sheet expert creates half a square using two panels, leaving the rest of the shape as the opening. Like all other shower glass varieties, you can get a framed corner square shower cabin. It’s a safer option as the frames keep the panes firmly in place. Moreover, if you get the metallic corners curved, you reduce the chances of accidents due to glass.

A glass shower sheet can slit the skin if the two come in contact at a skewed angle. But if you put up frames by the panes and have them sanded, you can protect yourself and your family from unnecessary accidents.

The Diamond Vault

January 1, 2021 by Sam

The diamond vault is a modernized version of the wall-to-wall cubicle. In this relatively contemporary design, the glass panes are placed together in such a way that they form a diamond-shaped compartment instead of the simple square-shaped enclosure.

A framed diamond shower vault contains borders at the end of every panel, separating the sheets. It is undoubtedly an elegant shower encasement choice as it looks nuanced, much more refined than a simple square, and allows you to get creative with the glass panes. How? Well, you can use those to etch up a graphic story that runs all across the cubicle. You can also use colored ceramic glass for a more over-the-top appearance. Sure, you can do all that with other shower sheets as well, but the diamond vault’s shape gives it an edge over the different styles.

The Traditional Korean Tea House

January 1, 2021 by Sam

No, we are not talking about an actual tea place; we are still on topic. The style of shower cabins takes inspiration from the traditional Korean tea houses that are rectangular or square-shaped chambers with double sliding doors.

To install one, you need to put in two or more glass sheets, depending on how many walls you are using. That is, if you are basing the shower chamber against one rectangular wall, then you’ll need three glass screens; two square-shaped and one rectangular. But if you plan to erect the rather grand structure with the support of two walls, then you’ll need two glass panes.

When getting the chamber ready, make provisions for the sliding doors. In the end, you’ll have a rustic room for your shower sessions. But the bigger the structure, the better support it needs. Therefore, using framed glass panels will give you a sturdier shower enclosure. Plus, it will make sliding smoother.

As previously mentioned, all the mentioned shower glass structures can be constructed using either framed or unframed glass panes, but remember that frames offer better stability and improve durability. Provided, you get a professional team to get the job done!

Ending Note

January 1, 2021 by Sam

If you want to experience spa-like showering at home, you should invest in shower enclosures! And go for the framed varieties for longstanding fun and structural stability.

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