Frameless shower screen support bars: The safety arms

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For security: Install frameless shower screen support bars.

Frameless shower screen fittings are an essential part of your glass panel structure. In addition, hardware such as metal brackets, hinges, handles, support bars and others add style to your shower screen and help secure it properly.

We will highlight in our article the importance of frameless shower screen support bars, why you need them, their types and available designs and where to find them.


Why a shower screen needs a support bar

As their name says, those bars provide support and add security for your glass panels and shower screen and come constructed in solid brass or 304-grade stainless steel following Australian Standards, which gives them high durability, functionality and strength.

When your glass panel is longer than 600mm, we recommend you install a frameless shower screen support bar to add security and extra support to your shower.


Types of frameless shower screen support bars

Those support arms help attach the glass shower screen to the wall; this type is called a wall-to-glass shower support bar or glass-to-wall shower support bar and adds structural strength to your screen. Additionally, as shown in the image below, a frameless shower screen ceiling-support bar helps attach the glass panel to the ceiling. And a glass-to-glass shower support bar will provide a link between two glass panels and covers a maximum gap of 1000mm between those panels.


Colours, designs and sizes of frameless shower screen support bars

Moreover, support bars are available in various designs and colours, including but not limited to chrome, matte black, brushed nickel and brushed brass. While support arms can be customised and cut to any length, the sizes of those stabilising bars generally vary between 300 mm-500 mm and 900 mm-1200 mm depending on the measurements of your bathroom, and they are adjustable, and their average weight is 500 grams. Shapes of support arms include round, telescopic and squared.


The thickness of a frameless shower glass

Although the 10mm toughened safety glass is the standard type of glass adopted for frameless shower screens in Australia, most support bars are compatible for use with a glass thickness of 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm or 12 mm.

A support bar with a hidden fixing into the wall, and friction that fits your panel where you don’t need to order the glass with holes, is a better and more classy and stylish option that we recommend you to select.


We advise you to hire a licensed glazier to install your frameless shower screen along with all the hardware fittings required, including support bars.

Toughened safety glass must be moved and installed carefully by professionals to ensure the screen is correctly put in place and avoid any damage to the glass and any injury to yourself.

Installing a frameless shower screen support bar

Step 1: mark where you want to mount to the wall, but before you drill, make sure there are no wire or water pipes behind the wall.

Step 2: apply Silicone in the hole and tap the plugin with a rubber mallet


Step 3: Screw the wall bracket into the plug

Step 4: slide the support bar over the wall bracket and tighten the head using a screw piece.

Step 5: adjust the size from the two screws, tighten the glass onto the screw gently and make sure the glass does not come into contact with the bracket.

Frameless shower screens with support bars are quickly gaining popularity in Australia, particularly in the Bella Vista region, since families who have young children consider safety and security a matter of concern, so they opt to add stabilising bars for their fixed glass panel.

You can buy high-quality support bars from any shower screen supplier in Australia, can purchase them online and pay directly with your credit card, so the process is straightforward and doesn’t require any additional effort from your side.

Check here the different stylish shower glass support bars offered by CRL. You can find vertical shower screen support bars, wall-to-glass support bars and glass-to-glass support bars.

You can also buy support bar fittings, such as:

support bar T-brackets, U-brackets, movable brackets, wall mount brackets, vertical brackets, and others.

Those fittings are available in round and square shapes, and you also have the option to buy support bars without the fittings.

Apart from providing security and support to your glass panel, frameless shower screen support bars add with their modern design a luxurious style and fancy look to your shower, turning your bathroom into an elegant space that will give you a relaxing atmosphere that anyone would crave.

Why You Need a Support Bar for Your Frameless Shower Screen

You may need a support bar if you have a frameless shower screen. The answer is yes! A support bar is essential for frameless shower screens, providing additional stability and support to the glass panel. This support can help prevent the screen from shifting or moving, which could be dangerous and cause the glass to break.


Installation and Maintenance of Support Bars

Installation of a support bar for your frameless shower screen can be done by a professional or as a DIY project. Following the manufacturer's instructions carefully ensures proper installation and prevents damage to the shower screen or wall/ceiling. Maintenance of the support bar is minimal and usually involves cleaning with a soft cloth and mild soap. We recommend that you review the support bar regularly and the shower screen to ensure it's in good condition and safe to use.

Adding a support bar to your frameless shower screen is a wise investment for your safety and peace of mind. With the correct type of support bar and proper installation, you can enjoy your shower with confidence and style.


People also ask

Support bars provide security for your shower screen, add support to your glass panel, secure it and restrict its movement. They come constructed in solid brass or stainless steel compliant with Australian Standards, highly durable, functional and sturdy.

You can find 90-degree or 45-degree support bars, T bars, Ceiling bars, glass-to-glass shower support bars, wall-to-glass bars, floor supports and others.

Frameless screens are the most accessible type of shower glass to clean because they don’t have any tracks or frames to worry about cleaning.

The cost of walk-in showers starts from AUD 660 and can go up to AUD 825, including taxes, measurement, and installation costs.

Moreover, a walk-in shower screen is simple to transport when compared to a traditional shower or a shower enclosure.

If you want to remove your old bathtub and convert your bathroom into a state-of-the-art design, you should consider many things.

Removing your bathtub will cost you between AUD 500 to AUD 1,000, depending on the weight and type of the tub. Also, waterproofing costs around AUD 400, and retiling may cost around AUD 40/ sqm.

Please note that if you want to install a new walk-in shower screen, the cost will amount to around AUD 660 if appropriately designed, and it can go up to AUD 825 if the walls and tiles are not at a 90 degrees perfect angle.

Retiling the bathroom would be a good idea because it will offer a more exclusive style that adds texture to your space.

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