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Want to benefit from space in your bathroom? Want to turn its design into an elegant style?

Shower screens often need fixing or replacement, so when you loosen the door’s hinges, you need to know about shower screen repairs and replacement to make better choices.

What do you need to know about Shower Screen Repairs and Replacement?

Shower screens transform your bathroom by providing it with a spacious and lively look. It also enhances your bath hygiene and functionality. However, shower screens often smash due to regular use and thus, need fixing and maintenance.

One of the things you need to know when buying a new shower screen is how to fix it and whether you can repair the shower unassisted. In some cases, your shower screen cannot be repaired and might need replacement. Therefore, having the knowledge and guidance on these matters is a must.

The key questions that will help you on both screen repairs and replacement.


1- The steps to fix your shower screen?

For the frameless shower screens and the semi-frameless, most real estate look at is the hinges of the screen door that need changing after a few years. In some cases, the sliding doors fall off their hinges, making them non-functional.

First, make sure to order the right high-quality hinge that matches the colour and shape of your part. There are only two types of hinges; the mickey mouse cut out and the 90 degrees cut out, which also works on the mickey mouse glass cut out. Second, wear gloves, eyeglass protection, and a long-sleeve shirt to protect your arms if the glass smashes.


You need five corner rubbers for glass protection, a rubber wag under the door, an Allen key, and some silicon packers.

You can use the packers mainly for spacing between the glass door and the fixed panel next to it. Make sure to avoid using an impact drill that shatters the glass.

Before you start the door repairs, use corner rubbers to protect the four corners of the door and the top corner of the fixed panel. The glass door panel must not touch the standing panel corner when you loosen the door’s hinge. Use a rubber under the door and make sure there is no space between the rubber and the glass, to prevent the door from touching the floor while loosening the hinges.

Consider changing one hinge at a time to avoid any risks. Before you go ahead with shower repair, open the door 90 degrees, and ask for assistance to hold the door while you loosen or tighten the screws, unless you are a professional certified glazer. Finally, you must compress the screws tightly before testing that the door is working fine. Be aware of keeping the rag under the door while trying when you loosen the door’s hinges.

As for the fully framed screen door, it often needs wheels replacing. To fix this issue, you must follow these steps:

  • Remove the cover on top of the track.
  • Use a screwdriver to remove the wheel.
  • Add the new wheel in place.
  • Adjust the door before tightening the screw back.
  • Replace the cover on top.

2- The steps of replacing the bathroom screen?

In some situations, you may need to replace your damaged shower screen with a new one. For instance, when the door does not close properly, or when it does not fit, or leaks, the best solution would be to replace it with a new one.

You need to be both cautious and patient when replacing your shower screen. We highly recommend hiring a shower screen specialist for safety reasons to avoid any glass-related accident like glass shattered all over the floor.

The average time needed to replace the shower door is around two weeks following the measure visit. Consider that you can keep the old shower in place unless you change the type of shower from fully framed/semi-framed to frameless.


However, if you decide to do it yourself, you have to measure it correctly, order it online and install it yourself. The whole process would take you 45 minutes, 5 minutes to remove the old screen, and 40 minutes to properly clean the old silicone from tiles.

3- The cost to replace a shower screen door?

Shower screen replacement’ cost varies depending on the shower screen’ type. The fully framed standard height, 1945 mm, and the semi-framed price of $825, an extra $ 165, is charged for custom height. As for the frameless, the cost ranges between $1100 for standard size to $1650 for custom height. The expenses include GST, removing the old screen and tipping it away, cleaning the old silicone from tiles, supplying, delivering, and installing the new one.


4- Sealing the inside part of the shower screen, is it recommended?

You shouldn't seal inside a semi-framed and fully framed shower screen to avoid leakage and terrible smell at a later stage due to water getting stuck in between the silicon layers. Conversely, sealing inside the shower screen is a must for frameless screen doors.


5- How to search for a shower screen repair service near you?

Suppose you seek shower screen repairs in Sydney, eastern suburbs, north shore, or the northern beaches. Showerland is a full shower screen service company with over 15 years of experience in the industry that can repair and replace shower screens and built-in wardrobes doors.


6- Fitting shower screen, is it considered dangerous?

The standard framed shower screen installation is easy to achieve without the help of a specialised glazer. However, the frameless 10 mm toughened glass shower door is harder to fit and requires hiring a certified shower screen installer to avoid accidents like hitting a pipe, a shower cable, or shattering the glass panels. You can find a glazier to meet Australian safety standards.

Eventually, shower screen installation is quite popular in Sydney due to its various benefits and value to all bathrooms. However, semi-frameless shower screens often need maintenance and fixing that is better accomplished by professionals for safer results.


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