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Why you Should not attempt to install a frameless shower screen yourself

Bathroom shower screens are elegant, perfect for small bathrooms, and easy to clean. However, installing a glass screen is not a job that you should do all by yourself, so we highly recommend instead that you hire professional shower screen installers near you.

Mistakes you make when you insist on DIYing your glass shower.

People make many mistakes when installing shower glass panels all by themselves, such as overlooking the bathroom layout, selecting pivot screen doors that hit the bathroom door and taking incorrect measurements.

As a result, they end up paying thousands of dollars for unnecessary shower repairs.

Moreover, most people who install their glass screens by themselves wrongly cut and attach their shower sealers, which results in an unstable and leaking shower.

Thankfully, Australia has countless companies that employ fully licensed people to perform your glass screen installation. Moreover, it is very straightforward to find companies that supply and install shower screens near you.

Perform the shower screen installation in Sydney with the help of a professional installer to reduce the risk of having an uneven, unstable or leaking screen. You will also guarantee a correct shower screen supply and install, and you will avoid costly shower screen repairs in the future.

When you hire a shower screen installer, you get a secure and safe shower door installed in your bathroom.

Semi-frameless and framed screens are easier to install

There are different types of shower screens, and each one of them has a procedure for installation. For instance, it is easier to install semi-frameless and framed screens than frameless ones.

Frameless shower screens require at least two professionals to install. For example, a shower screen installation from bunnings is a process that needs delicacy in handling the glass panels. Those panels come manufactured with 10mm toughened safety glass and are susceptible to breaking.

A professional installer will perform the installation error-free whether you order a standard glass panel from your shower screen supplier or a custom shower screen.

Your shower screen installation cost depends on the number of installers that are required to perform the process.

Cost is also affected by the length of the glass panels and their dimensions. For example, a semi-framed screen door more than 1200 mm long requires two professionals to supply and install it instead of one, and special trucks are needed to transport shower screen doors sized 1200 mm x 12000 mm or more. They also require three professionals for installation.

Moreover, the type of bathroom tiles will also influence your shower screen installation cost. For example, porcelain tiles will require more time to drill than ceramic tiles.

And most importantly, the distance installers travel to reach your location will also affect the price. So, you should find shower screen installers and shower screen replacements near you.

An installer travels between 60 and 90 minutes to reach a shower screen installation in Sutherland shire.

Find screen installers near you.

Showerland is a company that offers a wide range of shower screens in Western Sydney.

Shower screen installers in Showerland are qualified, have several years of experience in the industry and are fully licensed and fully insured. Note that the insurance for public liability covers damages up to AUD 20 million.

The high-quality products offered by Showerland include frameless shower screens, framed screens and semi-framed ones, which exist in different shapes, designs, types and finishes.

Before installation, we highly recommend you to call the Showerland team and ask for their recommendation for a glass screen selection.

They help you make the best selection depending on your preferences and budget, cut your custom shower panel, fit your space and accompany you in all the details of your shower screen installation process.

Showerland offers a one year warranty for craftsmanship, a three-year manufacturer warranty for hinges, and a one-year warranty for other parts. However, the glass is not warranted. This safety glass is toughened and of very high quality.

Moreover, screen installers at Showerland pay you a visit to record measurements of your bathroom, and they then determine the best suitable glass screen for your space. After that, they install your screen within a maximum time of two weeks from the date of the first visit. This time limit stands even if you ordered a custom shower screen.

The process that shower screen installers adopt

For frameless glass screens installation, first of all, the shower screen installer takes the measurements of your bathroom to make sure that the frameless screen fits your space.

Then, he attaches the metal wall brackets and floor brackets and installs the return glass panel. Next, he secures the screen door, whether it’s a pivot, sliding or any other type of shower door.

After that, the installer proceeds to cover the gaps, put the door in place, fasten the screws and make sure that all the shower gaps are covered. In the end, the installer withdraws the blocks and cuts excess rubber from the glass panels.

After 24 hours, you can take your first relaxing shower using your new shower screen.

A walk-in shower does not require a screen door, and it is faster and easier to install a frameless walk-in shower. You can find inexpensive and cheap frameless shower screens near you in Sydney and all over Australia.

For semi-frameless glass screens installation, the glass screen installer first fixes the metal support to the wall, then marks and drills the holes. The professional will then install the screen, check that the semi-frameless screen is level, and remove the blocks. The installer then leaves the glass screen for 24 hours for the sealant to dry up.

Semi-framed screens use 6 mm toughened safety glass.

As mentioned above, the installation process of a semi-framed shower screen is faster than a frameless one.

Contrary to semi-frameless and frameless screens, the doors of the framed shower screens come surrounded with a frame, and the installation of framed shower screens is straightforward. The simplicity depends on the type and style of the screen door, whether hinged, sliding, L corner, fixed panel or other.

First, the screen installer fixes the metal support to the wall and then, he puts the glass panels and applies Silicone all over the screen to waterproof it.

A qualified and licensed glass shower screen installer will also perform shower screen repairs. The professional assesses damages, replaces broken glass, hinges, brackets, rollers and hardware fittings. The installer also applies the sealant again and updates the handles.

Safety instructions for glass screen installers

During the installation process, shower screen installers should follow safety instructions. They must wear safety glasses for eye protection, a helmet, long sleeves, gloves for protection from injury, a mask when applying Silicone material, and earplugs when drilling.

Shower screen installers must carry some tools during the installation process of a glass screen such as a laser level, drill, shims, anchors, masonry bit, screwdriver and vinyl sweep.

People also ask

What is the cost of fitting a glass shower screen?

Fitting a glass screen will cost you between AUD 275 and AUD 440 for standard assembled showers. Boxed non-assembled glass screens will cost you AUD 550 because they take up to five hours to install. Showerland quality products include a free delivery service. Moreover, depending on your suburbs, a framed screen will cost from AUD 275 to AUD 385 to install, and a frameless shower screen installation cost varies between AUD 440 and AUD 550.

Can you install a custom-made glass shower screen?

Yes, Showerland offers you the opportunity to choose the specifications and features of your custom shower screen. Showerland will help you choose, design, deliver and install your high-quality shower screen that is fully compliant with Australian Standards. This process applies wherever you live in Sydney, whether in Sutherland shire, Western Sydney or elsewhere.

How much time do you need to install a glass shower screen?

The average time needed for a glass screen installation is two hours. This time depends on the glass type and the complexity of the process. In detail, a wall-to-wall screen requires one hour for installation. An L corner screen will need 90 minutes to install.

The same applies to a Diamond glass screen. A frameless glass screen will take you two hours to install.

Is it easy to replace a glass screen?

It is easy to replace a shower screen, but it is also hard to remove old silicone material from the tiles. The replacement process takes around 45 minutes.

It is crucial to perform the replacement correctly. Do that with the help of a professional installer before installing the new shower. Then, you will avoid damaging the new Silicone material and causing mould buildup because of old bacteria.

Removing the old shower screen and tipping it away will cost you around AUD 165. Find a professional for shower screen replacement near you to reduce costs.

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